Frequent questions

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding what we do, the store, exchanges and returns. If you can't find an answer to your question, write to us!

#1- With what payment methods can I buy online?

You can pay with a credit or debit card through Transbank, without leaving our 100% secure site.

#2–Can you provide an invoice?

Yes, we can, but we must coordinate your purchase through another means. Write to us at, with the subject Purchase with invoice and we will be happy to help you.

#3- Do you sell wholesale for corporate gifts?

Of course. Write us a message and we will contact you!

#4- What are the shipping options and their value?

We ship to your door throughout Chile 🇨🇱 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for orders received until 11:59 p.m. the previous day.

We will notify you by email of each change in the status of your order; when it is prepared and ready to be shipped, when we ship it, when we assign a tracking number, when it has been delivered, etc.

Once your order has been delivered to the courier, the delivery times are those promised by them, depending on the destination commune, and which are displayed in your cart when selecting the shipping option.

As we mentioned above, each of the stages and statuses of your order will be informed to you promptly by email, so pay attention.

The prices of the shipping service vary depending on the size and weight of the package, but the platform always informs you before you close your purchase. Note that we also have the option of in-store pickup if you live in Santiago and want to save on shipping.

#5- Do you ship to the rest of the world?

If you want to give your home, children, yourself or anyone unique items, it doesn't matter where you are. Write us a message if you want a special shipment, whether to Vancouver or Antarctica.

#6– Can I exchange, return or request repair of a product?

Of course. At Cordillerana we respect the Consumer Law (N°19,496 of 03/07/1997) and the new modifications introduced in the Pro Consumer Law (N°21,398 of 12/24/2021) that reinforce the protection of consumer rights in Chile and establish the following:

Right of withdrawal. At Cordillerana we grant this guarantee that covers returns without reason, for reasons not linked to the quality of the product, but because you did not like it, it did not match as you expected, it was not your size or similar. Applies to unused products and within the first 10 days after receipt.

Note 👀 that this condition is not valid for: Products purchased under the "On Request" modality or with special modifications and products purchased at a promotional or offer price, both cases in which the right of withdrawal does not apply.

This voluntary guarantee does not cancel the legal guarantee 6x3, 6 months, 3 options. This guarantee defines that consumers can, within a period of 6 months from receiving the purchase, choose between 3 options: money back, product exchange or free repair for products of defective origin, which are missing pieces or parts, which They are not suitable for the use for which they were intended, or they had previously been returned and fixed but their deficiencies persist.

For these returns for reasons linked to the quality of the product, return shipping and resending in case of exchange is at our expense. In all other cases, shipping is the responsibility of the client.

For purchases with pickup in store. From the moment you receive the email where we notify you that your product is ready to be picked up, you have 7 calendar days to go pick up your purchase from the store. After that period we will issue a credit note reversing the purchase made to your card.

If for any other reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, which we doubt 😉, come visit us and we will surely find a solution. We only ask that the product comes in perfect condition and with its original receipt.

#7– If I buy as a gift, can they include an exchange ticket?

Of course. Just make sure to turn on the “Is it a gift?” that appears before closing the purchase process and we will include an exchange ticket, in addition to wrapping it in a nice packaging. Remember that you can also give Gift Cards so as not to fail. We have gift cards from $50,000 to $400,000

#8– Do you use chemicals in your products?

As a general rule (*unless we specify otherwise) all our products are made, dyed, painted, sewn and glued with 100% natural materials and through completely artisanal processes, trying to respect the traditional way of manufacturing as much as possible.

#9– Do you make products to order, with special modifications?

Of course. Write us a message explaining your whim and we will contact you 😉

#10– What relationship does Cordillerana have with the Buenafe Foundation?

The Buenafe Foundation is the mother, Cordillerana is its daughter. We are like a spin-off , a branch of the same trunk, a derivative of the same shared mission, but with a vision focused on traditional Chilean crafts. You can learn more about us and our mother in Us .

#eleven- What is fair trade?

Fair trade is an alternative form of trade promoted by organizations and people like you who seek to ensure that the relationship between producers and consumers is oriented towards comprehensive development, with economic, social and environmental sustainability, respecting the idiosyncrasy of people, their cultures, their traditions and basic human rights. We made a special article on our blog about it. Read it !

#12– I like what they do. How can I support Cordillerana?

Buying, spreading what we do, linking us on your website, advertising or applying to be a Cordilleran ambassador 🎖 (we also accept men ✌) Write us a message !

#13– Can I do my internship in Cordillerana?

An extra hand is always welcome if you want to do your practice with us! If you are a student of design, commercial engineering or you like what we do, write us a message !

#14– Can I work in Cordillerana?

We will post on our social media when we are looking for people for a particular position. But if you can't wait and you think that you and your CV are made for this, write us a message !

#fifteen- Do you have physical stores?

Of course. We know that our objects are also an experience, so in addition to being in the virtual world, we have 2 stores in Santiago for you to visit us, and you can touch and smell the work of our artisans. In our Stores section you will find the exact location and contact information.

#16– What does it mean for objects to be unique pieces?

All Cordillerana objects are unique pieces due to the nature of their NOT mass production. In weaving, in wood, in basketry, in all processes, one piece is never the same as the other. Keep these small variations in mind when purchasing online, where the photos are for reference and not 100% identical to the product you will receive.