Collection: Pre-Columbian Ceramics

There are those who say that America was discovered. But we have worked hard preparing this beautiful surprise that we have given birth to today; our Pre-Columbian Ceramics Series. It is made up of different Collections that bring back to the present the pottery trades of the ancients, a notable ceramic art with exceptional aesthetic characteristics, which predate not only Columbus but everything that we call history today. Each piece is an exact replica of originals found in burial mounds and archaeological sites. For each piece we work using the same ancestral techniques, materials and designs. They are modeled one by one and carefully painted by expert hands. The result is collectible; jugs, vessels, pucos, glasses, bottles and fountains, some of simple shapes, others straight, others globular, as if inflated by a magical breath. There are enigmatic colors that call us down to earth or a deep monochrome that absorbs the gaze and invites contemplation.

Kunza Collection, in honor of the San Pedro Culture and the desert towns and their rich pottery. Pitrén Collection, dedicated to Mapuche ceramics, heir to the El Vergel and Pitrén culture with which they shared the geographical area of ​​Araucanía. Molle Collection, which honors the first pre-Hispanic agro-pottery people that lived in the Elqui River Valley. Diaguita Collection, heirs of the Molle tradition, creators of complex geometries and colors stolen from the desert.

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