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Because without mothers there are no us, nor are there jobs, nor people on earth, nor anything. This goes for the mothers who were, for those who are, for those who will be, for those who want to be and for those who don't too. For those who were waiting for us and for those who took us by surprise. For all those who speak to us without opening their mouths and those who understand us without needing to speak. For those who give without expecting anything in return, for those who are spirit, strength and guide. It doesn't matter how many times they call us to learn how to use the TV. For those who work outside, for those who work inside, and for those who don't stop working. For those for whom the night lasts a few hours and in a second they forget again. For those who teach with patience and for those who teach with coscachos. For those who are from a distance and for those who are above; for the strict mothers, for the absent ones, for the unapproachable ones. Because they taught us everything they know and pushed us to find out more. For you who don't finish.

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