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You entered our winery because we feel part of what we affectionately call the Cordilleran family, an imperfect community of ambassadors of the unique, influencers of the handmade, patrons of traditional crafts, guardians of the spirit and difference, protectors of heritage and fair trade fans.

We share this collection exclusively with all of you where you will find products that are not in our store catalog. Many are pieces that our artisans sent us to give them additional support in these times of crisis. There are other products that were prototypes and experiments that never saw the light of day, there are balances from previous years that appeared in order in these times of confinement and a dozen others for which we have not yet found an explanation. All these sales will go 100% in support of their creators with very attractive prices just for you and we will update it every month, until it is necessary or until there is nothing left!

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