Nuestro CyberDay; los hombres también tejen

Our CyberDay; men also knit

20 years ago, we stood in front of a group of 12 women and a man in the city of Iquique (which in Aymara means a place to sleep because that is what the people of the infinite Andean highlands called it, where sleeping above 5,000 meters above sea level is a elusive illusion). We asked if anyone was interested in loom weaving for a project called Cordillerana. No woman raised her hand, only Eudocio. Since then in 1999 he has worked with us (yes, there was life before 2000, millennials 😂). But in his workshop it is no longer just him weaving. Elba, his wife, knits, his daughters Evelyn and Leontina knit, Elvira knits and baby Gabriel is also learning to knit.

But now they want to weave bigger and bigger. Knit wonderful alpaca blankets in King, Queen, Twin sizes and everything in between. And for that they need a new loom. Big, so big that they don't sell it in this village called Chile. And we told him that we were going to get it for him even if we had to swim across Lake Titicaca.

This 2022, we are also subtracting from #CyberDay and instead we are launching the #losmujerestambientejen campaign and we are giving you the possibility of paying 20%, 30% and up to 50% 🔥 more for your purchases to give a loom to Eudocio's workshop, Elba and her entire wonderful family of knitters. Of all the contributions received, we will contribute the same amount until we achieve our goal, to keep wonderful crafts alive, so that no one is left without weaving due to lack of equipment in this beautiful country of artisans and poets.

You can also join the pre-sale of the one-piece dream shawls that will come from that new loom, from those dexterous hands that know how to use it and from those Mistralian alpacas with soft and warm wool that the same beautiful family raises in the Andean plateau. . Delivery times are from September 2022. Buy them at this link! >>

Because we want less #cyberday and more #fair and #sustainable trade, conscious with ourselves, with each other and with the planet. Fewer virtual days and more analog, disconnected days. More friends and less things we don't need. More objects from here that age with us and fewer disposable trifles from there. Less plastics, more friendly materials. More spirit, less fashion, more slow objects, less fast days. More land, less Mars, more countryside, less streets, more workshops, less factories.

Join us in celebrating the unique, to treasure in our homes and open a space in our lives for objects with soul. Because life is imperfect, the difference is good and it also looks beautiful on us. We do NOT do #CyberDay, we do #FairTrade every day. We are Cordillerana, a Buenafe Foundation project

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