Dejar la raíz: Lucy Huincateo

Leave the root: Lucy Huincateo

You have to know how to get the voqui out, because if you do it from the roots you will not let it continue to grow. So for it not to end, you don't have to nip it in the bud, you have to leave the roots, because voqui has many roots. Then they sprout again, so we don't have to hurt the root […] We then return next year and there we find the same voqui. Then it doesn't die, that's why you have to know how to collect it.

Lucy Huincateo lives near Lake Budi, home of the Lafkenche communities that have traditionally dedicated themselves to basketry of plant fibers. Each piece that Lucy weaves reflects a deep knowledge of the territory, the native forest and its resources that her ancestors bequeathed to her.

This extract is part of the book that we published thanks to Fondart, with great research by Christine Gleisner and wonderful photos by Edgar Dassi Junior , as a recognition of the valuable work of the artisans who live in our southern lands and we hope that they are an encouragement for them and many others who contribute with their effort and dedication to preserving our cultural heritage.

And also, in this special collection on our website you can buy all the wonders that these artisans create with their skillful hands and dedicated science.

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