• Stone craftsmanship in Chile is like a whisper carved by time and nature. In this diverse land, artisans bring stones to life with the patience of centuries, sculpting stories into every vein and surface.

    Each sculpted piece is an echo of Chile's history and culture, a deep connection to indigenous roots and a tribute to the beauty of the land. In stone craftsmanship, functionality merges with decoration, creating pieces that are both utilitarian and works of art. The stone stands as a cultural treasure, a legacy that is preserved and transmitted through generations. Each work is a window to history and a tribute to the geographical and cultural wealth of Chile.

  • Cured with rice:

    Grind a handful of rice against the object until a white powder forms. The idea is to leave the surface completely white, making sure that the dust penetrates the small porosities of the rock.

  • Oil cured:

    Paint the entire plate with edible oil with a paper napkin and wait for the stone to absorb it for a few minutes.