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ūüéĀ For an imperfect Christmas, with gifts from here, not from there. Through trees with copihues and red cherries from the southern countryside. For kisses under araucarias with starry skies at the end of the world. Because here there is no mistletoe but rather brown myrtles. There is no snow but you do hang from luminous reeds and wheat fields like garlands. Unfortunately many more pine trees than we would like. But also polychrome earthenware, and objects made of rounded stones from fatigue. There are no red boots or reindeer, but we have baskets made of vines, pre-Columbian ceramics full of chili peppers as strong as molten metal. Andean alpaca ruanas and ponchos and organ grinders taking bunches of doves from their music boxes. And instead of dwarfs and old men at the north pole, a long country full of trades, traditions, artisans and poets.

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