¡Participa de nuestro sorteo! Ya somos 21K embajadores de lo único (y cumplimos 12 años 🎂)

Participate in our giveaway! We are already 21K ambassadors of the unique (and we are turning 12 🎂)

🏃‍♀️ It's not a marathon, but we have traveled through pampas, mountains, forests, fjords and deserts. Because this is not a race, much less a speed race, but a raffle 🎁 to celebrate a slow walk, long distance and patience, accompanied by you, a large imperfect community of 21 thousand ambassadors of handmade ❤, patrons of traditional trades, protectors of heritage and fans of fair trade🔥. And what's better if this joy also coincides with our 12th birthday 🥳 standing firm alongside the artisans of Chile and the traditional crafts that exude art, skill and science 👏

The prizes that you can see in the photo carousel are:

1 Raw Cariquima Ruana to warm the soul
2 rounded, simple and golden Wancos (separately) for fireplace evenings
1 set of 6 two-color wheat individual plates for one of those after-dinner lunches
1 set of 6 Nicanor plates for a great family barbecue
1 set of 2 Callaquí wells (large and small) for an aperitif with the smell of the countryside
1 Junquillal Basket with 2 handles to store the sea
1 set of 2 Shilling baskets to listen to the coastal wind
1 Pilwa short handle Lisa L to carry that which one will never find
1 Robemilio pig stuffed with good love

The rules of the draw are clear as an Andean alpaca🦙 and simple as a field flower🌼

1. Follow our account
2. Like this post
3. Save this post
4. Tag 1 person in 1 comment

And you will already be participating! If you want to have more chances of winning, you can perform these additional cumulative actions 👇

5. If you have already purchased from our store before, you can upload a story with a photo of the product in your home and tag @cordillerana . It is equivalent to 4x chances, but only works if your account is public.

6. Share this post in your stories tagging @cordillerana . It is equivalent to 2x the chances, but only works if your account is public.

7. Tag more people in separate comments. It's equivalent to 1x the chances, but you can do it as many times as you want!

☝The deadline is from today, Sunday the 15th to Sunday the 22nd.

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