¿Un mal año? Y aún falta navidad 🎄

A bad year? And there's still Christmas left 🎄

A bad year? And there's still Christmas left 🎄
Life is imperfect. Our objects too.
Let the bad happen, let the good continue!

🎁 For a Christmas with gifts from here, not from there
Through trees with copihues and red cherries in the southern countryside
For kisses under araucarias with starry skies at the end of the world
Because here there is no mistletoe but rather brown myrtles
There is no snow but you do hang from reeds and luminous wheat fields like garlands
Unfortunately many more pine trees than we would like
But also polychrome earthenware, and objects made of rounded stones of fatigue.
There are no red boots or reindeer, but we have baskets made of vines,
Pre-Columbian ceramics filled with hot peppers as strong as molten metal
Ruanas and ponchos of Andean alpacas and organ grinders who take bunches of doves from their music boxes
and instead of dwarfs and old men at the north pole, a long country full of trades, traditions, artisans and poets

This month we will have many surprises so that you want to give something different, serious gifts not in series, by hand not by machine, different not identical.⁠

Because there are people who are special and moments that are unique and our gifts should be too. Because there are times when we don't want to give away points on a card, or disposable items, but rather something that lasts a lifetime.

This Christmas supports a new form of commerce on a human scale, fairer, more ethical, slower, more conscious with ourselves, with each other and with the planet.

Objects that stay, that age nobly alongside us, that we move house, that we inherit, that settle into our lives and bring us memories and memories.

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