Tiempos de guardar

Save times

We realized that it is not time to sell anything, that it is not time to buy anything that is not essential. We realized that we are in a time to collect ourselves, to think, to enjoy the moment no matter how forced it may seem. Playing with our children, talking with those far away, cooking with those close by, writing postcards, reading, learning and creating.

And we also want to get into that harmony; picking ourselves up, tidying up, staying at home talking with grandma, looking at old photos listening to stories about people we like. And we want our hundreds of women artisans who work with us to do the same. Let them take care of themselves and take care of their own. Because those women and their hands are the force that keeps the traditional crafts of this long Chile alive.

We are not closing, our online store will remain open because it is the main source of income for many. We will not stop working, on the contrary, we will do it more strongly convinced of our mission to integrate these women and their communities into a circular economy network. But now our work will be indoors, organizing the house, improving techniques, creating new designs, harvesting and storing raw materials. We will take advantage of these days to show you what we do, to share with you what we have learned in 10 years of travel.

It will be a time of sharing and teaching for the future, of saving for next spring. Then we will be ready to take outside again, all that we worked on inside. We will be ready to go out again into the streets and fields, to hug unknown people between buildings, to contemplate with joy waterfalls of fresh water and reed beds golden by the sun.

We will continue looking for a different trade, on a human scale, fairer, more ethical, slower, more conscious with ourselves, with each other and with the planet. We will continue to fall in love with the small imperfections, with what makes each of our pieces unique and unrepeatable. Because the difference is good and it looks beautiful on us. Because life is not perfect and our objects should not be either.

We are Cordillerana, a Buenafe Foundation project

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