Te presentamos la nueva colección mascotas

We present the new pet collection

Pets are a fundamental part of our lives. They accompany us with unconditional love and brighten our days. Dogs, for example, are able to connect emotionally with their human family and know how to offer comfort when someone needs it. We know that pets are more than just animals; They are part of our family. They provide us with love, emotional support and fun every day.

At Cordillerana, we understand the importance of providing our lovely companions with the best quality of life. That's why we're excited to introduce you to our new collection of pet products, designed with comfort, style and durability in mind. It's about time!

In this launch we present three products: The Vélez collar, the Octay leash and the Quemchi bed. Don't know if they are suitable for your pet? Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for the best accessory:

What should a good dog leash be like?

Safety and comfort are fundamental factors when choosing your pet's leash. This accessory must ensure that it does not come loose, no matter how many pulls it gives during the walk, but it must also be made with materials that will not damage it, even if it is pushed hard. As for the owner, the handle should be easy to hold and designed in a way that can be handled easily. Both the Vélez collar and the Octay leash are made of leather so that they resist daily wear and tear.

What should a good dog collar be like?
Dog collars must have a friendly design and can accommodate the dog's identification tag and leash. In addition, the collar must adapt to the contour of the animal without applying too much pressure. That is why we have 4 sizes available, each with several holes so you can adjust the necklace to the perfect size.

And what about the bed?
It is important that the bed adapts to the size of your dog or cat. If it is too small, it will feel uncomfortable, while if it is too large it will not be cozy or give you the security necessary to sleep peacefully.
Ideally, the bed should be a few centimeters taller than your dog so that it has enough space to lie down and be comfortable, both in length and width.

We are committed to offering the best to your pets, and this means our collection won't stop here. We plan to continue expanding our range of products to meet all the needs of your four-legged children.

Discover our products and give your furry friends what they deserve!
And tell us what other accessories would you like to see?


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