Sorteamos un Moisés

We raffle a Moses

🔥 We raffle it off! (the bassinet 😂) Because our Cyber ​​is giving, because we want to celebrate spring, our 13th birthday, and the publication of our first book “ Artisanas de la Araucanía ” financed by Fondart with great research by Christine Gleisner V. and wonderful photos by Edgar Dassi Junior.

And we want to share and give away this wonderful Moses with sheepskin 🐑 for mothers and fathers tired of the city. Because sometimes we want to leave the house, or at least the room, and we want the bus 👶🏼 to accompany us. And this noble crib provides warm shelter and protection anywhere. It is hand-woven with Ñocha (Eryngium paniculatum), a plant endemic to southern Chile, which when browned in the sun, becomes versatile and friendly. So that your bus can rest listening in its dreams to the white noise of the flow of water, whether from the Nile or the Toltén.

There are more than $350,000 in products 😱 and the rules of the draw are clear as an Andean salt flat and simple as a flower of the field:

1. Follow our account on Instagram
2. Like this post
3. Save the post
4. Tag 1 person in 1 comment And you'll be participating!

If you want to have more chances of winning, you can perform these additional cumulative actions 👇

5. Tag more people in separate comments. You can do it as many times as you want!
6. Share the post in your stories tagging @cordillerana (only works if your account is public)

☝The deadline is from today Tuesday the 4th until next Tuesday October 11th.

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