Sello de Excelencia a la Artesanía 2021

Seal of Excellence for Crafts 2021

We love the Chilean Crafts Seal of Excellence project. It is a recognition granted by the National Crafts Committee, made up of the Crafts Area of ​​the Ministry of Arts, Cultures and Heritage and the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the UC, through its Crafts Program, with the sponsorship of the UNESCO Office of Santiago.

The main objective of this recognition is to promote the creation and quality of national craftsmanship according to parameters of innovation, both in design and in the fusion of materialities, excellence, authenticity and respect for the environment.

From 2008 to the present, the Seal of Excellence in Crafts has been awarded to 130 works by national artisans, which are part of the “Seal of Excellence in Crafts Collection” and are safeguarded by the Museum of Art. Popular American Tomás Lago MAPA, who also travels through various regions of the country, contributing to the dissemination and circulation of the pieces and their creators.

In its 2021 version, the Seal awarded ten works from the regions of O'Higgins (3), Metropolitana (3); Biobío (1), Ñuble (1), Los Lagos (1) and Aysén (1); among more than 140 applications from all over the country.

“Crafts are one of the creative disciplines and trades that best reflects the cultural and geographical diversity of the country. It connects us with the roots, territories and their materialities. These recognized pieces demonstrate this diversity and the quality of the creation of national crafts,” said the Minister of Cultures, Consuelo Valdés, who valued this recognition and added that “the Seal of Excellence for Crafts has been an important tool to enhance the creation, dissemination and valorization of the craft of national artisans, who with their work contribute to the recovery of the country.”

“The 2021 Seal of Excellence in Crafts mobilizes the craft sector to constantly challenge itself to continue perfecting, reinventing its work and participating from all over the country,” said Rodrigo Ramírez, director of the UC School of Design. “This is why we appreciate the perseverance of those who oversee this initiative, materialized in the applications received in each version.”

Check the catalog of the awarded works from the project website here !

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