Menos #cyberday, más #comerciojusto

Less #cyberday, more #fairtrade

Less #cyberday, more #fairtrade

Like every end of May, in what is already a beautiful tradition for us, we join the CyberDays in the way we know how best; remaining. In 2019 during those 3 days, we closed our online store . We take advantage of 2020 to show you what we do . But this 2021 we wanted to do something special.

We came back crazy. From May 31 to June 2, we give you the possibility of paying 20%, 30% and up to 50% more for your purchases! Yes, you read correctly , it is not a discount, it is a surcharge. There are no great deals here, because there is no overstock, overprice, or seasonal sales. We value slow work, done by hand and with love and we know that you do too. Your additional contribution will go 100% directly to those producers who are the ones who keep wonderful crafts alive in this long country full of traditions, artisans and poets.

Because we want fewer #cyberdays and more #fair and #sustainable trade, conscious with ourselves, with each other and with the planet. Fewer virtual days and more analog, disconnected days. More friends and less things we don't need. More objects from here that age with us and fewer disposable trifles from there. Less plastics, more friendly materials. More spirit, less fashion, more slow objects, less fast days. More land, less Mars, more countryside, less streets, more workshops, less factories.

Join us in celebrating the unique, to treasure in our homes and open a space in our lives for objects with soul. Because life is imperfect, the difference is good and it also looks beautiful on us. We do NOT do #CyberDay, we do #FairTrade every day. We are Cordillerana, a Buenafe Foundation project

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