Mejor materia prima, mejores productos

Better raw materials, better products

The balls of alpaca wool that we sell in Cordillerana have a long and beautiful history. In our constant search to improve traditional Chilean crafts, and under the premise of "better raw materials, better products", we developed a research and development project that aimed to improve the quality of the alpaca fiber that was being offered in the local market.

We work directly with the farms of the highlands of our large and small north to buy their raw materials for several seasons. We then commission and supervise senior and dedicated experts all the wool processes, namely washing, carding, spinning and finally winding.

The product that we can offer you today is the final result of a long, careful and loving work process of years. A ball of 100 grams of high quality, pure Chilean alpaca wool, in its natural colors, from animals raised with love in our northern highlands, fair trade and sustainable... from Cordillerana. ❤️

☝🏻If knitting is NOT your thing, you can also buy the fabrics already made by expert hands in our physical and web stores 🤗

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