Libro Artesanas de la araucanía

Book Artisans of Araucanía

This book brings together ten stories from artisans from the Araucanía Region and aims to contribute to the enhancement and dissemination of traditional crafts, which have a long history, a manifestation of a living culture and the love of its creators towards their craft. .

We are very happy to tell you that a while ago we won a Culture Fund to be able to edit a small book about ten artisans from the Araucanía region who work with Cordillerana. With great research by Christine Gleisner and wonderful photos by Edgar Dassi Junior , we are proud to share with you the complete digital publication titled Artesanas de la Araucanía. Ten testimonies of life and love for a profession. Watch it and download it here . And also, in this special collection on our website you can buy all the wonders that these artisans create with their skillful hands and dedicated science.

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