¡Hola 2020!

Hello 2020!

This 2020 we will continue to promote and disseminate the traditional crafts of Chile, supporting hundreds of women in their manual crafts along the same path, integrating them and their communities into a circular economy network. We want a 2020 with a different trade, on a human scale, fairer, more ethical, slower, more conscious of ourselves, of others and of the planet.

This 2020 we will continue to fall in love with the small imperfections, with what makes each of our pieces unique and unrepeatable. Because life is not perfect and our objects should not be either. Because the details that your invoice reveals tell us the story of those who make them. Because it is not only design, but also art, skill and science. That is why they are not failures, but trials, they are not defects but differences, and the difference is good and looks beautiful on us.

We want fewer shiny surfaces and many more opaque ones, fewer sharp edges and more rounded edges. We want more stories, more character, more countryside, more  memories, more spirit. We want things that age with us, things that we inherit, things that last a lifetime.

We are Cordillerana, a Buenafe Foundation project

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