Herederas de Llalliñ. Relatos de 17 artesanas mapuche

Heirs of Llalliñ. Stories of 17 Mapuche artisans

For these days of confinement, we will recommend readings and books that seek to rescue traditional crafts from this long strip of isolated land. The book is a project funded by Conadi and developed by our friends at Fundación Artesanías de Chile. Several of the interviewees are the last of their families to keep the knowledge of ñimin , Mapuche textile design, and many of them sell their wonderful works with us such as this Bicolor Greca Rug or this Ojo de Guanaco Table Runner :)

Llalliñ , the weaving spider, takes care of the düwekafe , expert weavers, teaches and inspires them, and protects them from the wekufe , the negative forces, that try to make them make mistakes when making their designs.

As the ñaña advises (did you know that the word Nana comes from the Mapudungun Ñaña which means older sister, who were the ones who took care of the younger siblings and that is also why we say nanay to heal?) Luisa Sandoval, “to knit you have to be here, with your body and with your mind.” That is why I invite you to prepare your body and mind to delve into the stories of these admirable women, their joys and sorrows, their textile techniques, their achievements and recognitions, helping us to spread and preserve this wonderful cultural wealth; invites Ignacio Malig from CONADI

Download the book from this link and read!

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