Explorando los tesoros artesanales de Paraguay

Exploring the artisanal treasures of Paraguay

We welcome Paraguay to Cordillerana LatAm. A privileged space to highlight Latin American trades. We invite you to discover a culture where artistic mastery is manifested in the fascinating world of Ao Po'i, Ju lace, leather embossing and so many more wonders! All traditions that have been kept alive for generations and have been fused with contemporary design. Here we leave you the most outstanding artisanal treasures from Paraguay that we have exclusively in Cordillerana.

One of the most dazzling facets of Paraguayan craftsmanship is manifested in the world of weaving and embroidery.

Ao Po'i embroidery, a word in Guaraní that means "fine fabric or delicate garment", emerged in the 19th century in Yataity del Guairá, central region of Paraguay. When the borders were closed from 1813 to 1840, products could not be imported, so women were forced to create their own fabrics. For this, they began to spin cotton and weave different garments for personal use. Over time the fabric was transformed, including different embroidery, fraying, lace, festoons and cross stitch. Today it is one of the most appreciated Paraguayan artisan products.

Ju lace is another style of cotton fabric and is an authentic treasure of Paraguayan crafts. It is a lace that is made with needles or a shuttle and can be made on vertical looms as support. You can finish garments, hammocks (like the Amambay Hammock), quilts, curtains, table linens and much more.

You can also find leather wallets made with the embossing technique, which consists of obtaining an ornamental figure in relief using chisels. This work is inherited from the Franciscan missionaries in the 16th century and is a completely handmade process, from the tanning of the leather to the sewing. They can be left in their natural color, stained or painted.

Filigree is one of the most used goldsmithing techniques in the city of Luque, known as “the universal capital of filigree”, where jewelry is made from very fine gold and silver threads, forming a drawing similar to lace, where a single piece can take weeks or months to create.

Check out the entire Paraguay collection and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

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