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Bachatas, cumbias, merengues, sambas, huainos, sayas, tangos, vallenatos, boleros tristes, chamamés, pasodobles, murga, son and chacareras. All Americans. From Violeta Parra to Mercedes Soza, from the Gabán Tacateño to the Kjarkas, from the wild banks of the Parana to Lake Ypacaraí, from the quena to the marimba, from the kultrún to the ocarina, the charango and the guitarrón.

Because music is also a traditional craft that covers this entire wonderful imaginary continent, we invite you to follow us on our new Spotify account, listen to the soundtrack of a continent, and immerse yourself in an unreal journey through Macondo on top of a winged snake with our Cordillerana LatAm Playlist.

The list is under permanent construction and we update it every week with new old rhythms and always alive authors of the profane and the sacred. Listen to it here >>

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