Es Septiembre en todo Chile

It's September throughout Chile

Una Paya is the improvised verse of the Payadores, which they accompany with a guitar in melodious harmony. In general, payadores challenge each other in duos to test mischief and ingenuity and it has been developed in Chile since the Colony, being a very popular poetic and musical art in the Central Zone of Chile and a very important part of the peasant or huasa culture.

Hoop hoop hoop!

advance notice
This shit is not short
If good things take time
the others arrive completely through aliexpress

Here we do it slowly
and we do it one at a time
we prefer everything beautiful
what is done by hand and not with the foot

Here's to unique things
for long life and patience
for the jobs that do not die with the years
so it has art, skill and science

Because we are mountain range and valley
flowering aromas and quilt dogs
we have islands, sea and also streets
demijohns full of red wine!

Mountains, oceans, deserts and glaciers
we are just a landscape said a poet
the noble material of everything we do
comes from this same and only planet

Only planet oh yes!
That we need a drastic change
That life is very short
For so many ugly plastic things

That's why I invite you
To celebrate the potters
To greet the weavers,
Those who make jewelry and basket weavers

Because you have to know how to work with clay
Make wool from fleece
Shape the wood
And to weave with branches

But this paya is already going tenth
And you have to cut the thing once and for all
It takes a while to reach your destination.
when he speaks with so much rose

Because Chile is all of us
and what is ours must be rescued
Long live the hands of Chile
Those who get dirty, those who do something

And that would be all

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