Despachos gratis a todo Chile

Free deliveries to all of Chile

Because we are an NGO that supports hundreds of women and their SMEs. Because we practice and promote Fair and sustainable Trade. Because traditions and those who keep them alive are part of our spirit. Because we are a long country and we want to unite it through its trades. Because we prefer workshops to factories, things serious rather than serial, from here rather than there. Because we love unique, different, handmade and loving objects. Because we are all mountains, ocean, desert, forest and glaciers. Because Chile is not Santiago but Visviri and Golfo de Penas. From today until it becomes customary. Free shipping, from Arica to Punta Arenas*. We are Cordillerana, a project of @fundaciondebuenafe. *For web purchases over $60,000 by entering the code TodoChile.

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