Descubre la nueva tarjeta de Nuestros Materiales

Discover the new Our Materials card

The Magic of the craft chilean HE reflects in each tissue, in each carving and in each jewel that the artisans local believe with their hands experts. In Cordillerana, we understand the importance of preserve the wealth of the handicrafts and, to the same time, guarantee its durability and beauty to it long of the time. Is by that that we are excited to present our new card, a guide essential for all the lovers of our products.

In this card, you'll find a code QR that tea directs to information about the materials used in the creation of the handicrafts and as take care properly for that accompany you during all the life. Simply scan he code with you phone and will lead you to the section "Our materials" of the Web. In she you can learn about the fibers vegetables in our country, as wash a scarf of wool of alpaca, as cure a mortar of stone and a lot further. Besides, in each section there will be a link that tea carry to one collection with all the products facts of that material.

Let's enjoy of the beauty that lasts!

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