Cordillerana en CV Galería

Cordillerana in CV Gallery

CVG neighborhood in CV Galería , is a showcase of national design and talent that invites you to choose local, more sustainable, and original commerce. A multidisciplinary and collaborative space with its own identity that seeks to create a new consumer experience, allowing diverse and unique encounters.

From December 4 to January 5 from 12:00 to 20:00 at Nivel Calle, Alonso de Córdova 4355, Vitacura.

In an area where consumers are more demanding, aware and concerned, the CVG Neighborhood arrives for people who reward the quality and origin of the products, with sensitivity, sustainability, and authenticity being the protagonists.

Eight carefully selected brands at CV Galería highlight the nobility of materials and innovation, in a space where people can connect with their creators and their creations.

Fontaine inspires his creations in simple and timeless objects. Furniture that brings sculpture closer, and tables that remind us of forests and the sea. Designs of unique objects that are intended to awaken some emotion

Cordillerana is a social project of the bona fide foundation, which supports hundreds of women in their manual trades, seeking to promote and disseminate traditional Chilean trades. Elisa Sánchez referred to the store as “We prefer things seriously rather than serially, by hand rather than by machine, different than identical, from here rather than there, workshops rather than factories,” said Elisa Sanchez.

Cerio products seek to give an identity to homes, where each product is handmade and locally produced.

Prometeo Studio, created by designer Octavio Segura, develops products that are born from the exploration of new materials, highlighting the qualities of the material in its most primitive state, using raw materials and production processes with low environmental impact. “We will be exhibiting for the first time part of our new collection “La luz del mar”, which consists of lamps made with bioplastics based on algae,” said the designer.

Klang Design is an Architecture and Design studio founded by architect Luisa Frigolett, which focuses on creating objects, scenes and spaces “with the challenge of spiritualizing matter or giving matter to the spirit.” It is characterized by its simplicity and honesty of materials and the playful use of colors.

The crafts market works together with local artists, artisans, and designers with the purpose of disseminating, promoting and connecting human talent with people and stories.

Effe Studio opts for a more modern style in which it works with metals, all designed and manufactured as a sign of sustainable production and national manufacturing.

Le Bloc are handmade sinks, based on polymer concrete, quartz and natural materials.

We invite you to choose local products and be part of Barrio CV, the space that interacts with Chilean design culture. Welcome to the CV Neighborhood

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