Cordillerana: 10 años de historias

Cordillerana: 10 years of stories

Today we wake up with spring spirits, we do the math, and we decided to celebrate 🥳 This month we turned 10 years old 🎂 and we want to shout the summary of our first decade to our 4 cardinal points, which are 3, the North and the South. 🎉 We were formally born as a project of the Buenafe Foundation , on August 15, 2009. The idea was to be a marketing channel for the craft-related ventures of the women beneficiaries of its microcredit program. It took 4 years to sell handmade objects, with a lot of energy, love for the crafts, by word of mouth, from hand to hand and with a bag on my shoulder. Then we thought we were independent and we baptized ourselves Añañuca, like a flower of the field, very simple 🎶. Our location was the patio of the office of Teresa Moller , one of the best landscapers in Chile and deeply in love with traditional crafts, the same place where she now runs her own store La Mariposa . And in 2012 we changed our name, and image, and address, in a small second floor of a dead-end passage in Sancho de la Hoz, Vitacura. Then we moved to what is now our definitive home, - and a micro world of handmade in its own right - the Pueblito de los Dominicos. We had some adventures along the way, in Alonso de Córdoba next to @milaires , in BazarED , Expo Cachagua, the Tranque Christmas Fair by @taconeras , Mercado Justo in Alto Las Condes , Pura Ceramica de Arte Originario , the Crafts fair UC . And this 2019 year we open our own metaphysical space, our web store where we believe we are modern enlightened in traditional trades that sell objects with spirit through cables that cross oceans. Today we praise ourselves for all this that we want to celebrate. Celebrate you, those who support us, ourselves -why not-, the traditional crafts, but fundamentally our artisans, the ancient ones and also the modern ones. And we want to thank many people and many institutions that helped us along the way and on the path. And that is why it will be a month of remembering, of surprises, of giving thanks, giving and sharing. 🎁

In these 10 years, many people have crossed our path, and have started walking with us. We want to thank the ancient and the modern, we want to name everyone but little by little, in batches, so as not to forget anyone and in no specific order 😇 Thank you very much Florencia Rosenfeld, Loreto Garcia, Gloria Gonzalez, Marcela Ruiz Tagle, Margarita Aldunate, Claudia Verdugo, Pilar Correa, Carolina Talciani, Maria Luisa Prado, Tere Landea, Ines aldunate, Carmen aldunate, Loreto Valenzuela, Paula Abarca, Rosie Guevara, Veronica Scheffer, Ximena Bazan, Maria Isabel Infante B, Cecilia Aguirre, Ana Maria Rogat , Sara Valdes, Milagros Santa Cruz, Sonia Rios, Carolina Briones, Barbara Wellmann, Carla Coda, Andrea Forno, Marisol Sotta, Catalina Hirsch, Anita Avila, Teresa Moller, Ximena Greene, Paulina Pineda, Francisca Novoa, Pilar Kraemer, Maria Ignacia Walker , Ximena Greene, Loreto Hrdalo and so many others that we will remember during this month. 🏅Thank you!

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