Campaña para el día del padre, Domingo 16 de Junio 2019

Campaign for Father's Day, Sunday June 16, 2019

For this Father's Day we decided to add humor to our campaign, and parody the stereotypes of fathers and men that are used on occasions like these. We don't sell tools, but we have very virile gifts 🦍was our title to attract attention and promote a series of products as gifts for dads for dads and that we grouped into a special collection .

Men who are not cold (with this sheep poncho)
A great Lonko would have liked to show off a poncho like this in the Parliament of Quilín in the middle of the Arauco War. Hand-woven on a Mapuche loom, with southern sheep wool, in ecru color and with gray fretwork. Ideal for parents with Toki vibes, even if they don't live south of Bio-Bio.

Alpaca Ruanas
Who said alpaca ruanas were only for women? Modern men wear a classic single-color design well (let's not push too hard). This stylish ruana is handloom woven with 100% alpaca wool. Its fabric is dense but light, which makes it very thermal and resistant. For campy and elegant men.

Wooden boards and plates
Even if it is roasted, we must encourage them to cook these useless things 😘. But because we know that they are not all the same, they also serve for pastas, salads, appetizers and desserts. And like them, they come in varieties; They are round, oval, square and rectangular. They are handmade (the plates) in native southern raulí wood.

Alpaca Scarves
Sometimes some men's necks get cold from herding animals in the mountains. Or simply when leaving the subway station. Warm scarves for distinguished men. Let him change that Scottish scarf from the 80's for an elegant Andean design. For men on horseback but who also use umbrellas.

real knives
Parrones knives or the classic parroninos are a family tradition that has been kept alive since 1942. With hammer blows, strong men soften the metal over the fire to give life to a whole variety of traditional and durable cutlery. Daggers, machetes, daggers, kitchen knives, grill knives and feather cutters. Man things.

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